At Applewood Dental, we aim to bring our high-quality and attentive care to every treatment you may need. Even when there’s a procedure that requires a specialist, we want you to make a well-informed decision. That’s why we take the time to educate you about your options and refer to trusted specialists that share our values and commitment to dental health.


Pediatric dentistry specializes in treating the oral health of children from infancy to adolescence. Pediatric dentists provide comprehensive dental care, from oral health exams and habit counseling to tooth repair, orthodontic procedures, and care for dental injuries.


Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the study and treatment of the inner part of the tooth, or dental pulp. Endodontists are highly trained. In fact, less than three percent of dentists are qualified to perform endodontic procedures. The most common endodontic treatments are root canals and other similar endodontic surgeries.


Periodontists are specialists concerned with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of periodontal diseases (gum disease, gingivitis, etc.). They are trained to treat oral inflammation and bacterial infections in the gum tissue as well as provide deep cleanings in the form of root scaling and planing.


Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that specializes in the correction of malpositioned or misaligned teeth and jaws. Orthodontists correct bite irregularities using dental appliances like braces and clear aligners, or in more extreme cases, with oral surgeries.


TMJ specialists focus on treatment for disorders of the temporomandibular joint which is the tissue that connects your jaw to your skull and is responsible for enabling you to open and close your mouth. TMJ specialists treat pain, discomfort, and on occasion sleep apnea which is associated with TMJ disorders.

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Applewood Dental has your best oral health interests in mind. Even when we can’t provide treatment, we will educate you and find the right specialist for your needs. Call us today to learn more!

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At Applewood Dental, we lend our commitment to excellence to all our dental procedures. We bring you a wide range of high-quality dental treatments for your cosmetic and general needs. Whether you are looking for whiter teeth, to replace a missing tooth, or protect the dental health of your children, Applewood Dental has you covered.

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