About the Office

Comfort, kindness, familiarity - these are the emotions we wish to elicit when you come to our office.

The guiding principle that led to the founding of our dental practice was making a visit to the dentist feel like home. That’s why we ditched the cold and clinical feel of the average dentist and designed our office to be warm and cozy. We want you to feel like you’re just visiting your favorite relative.

At Applewood Dental, you never have to compromise between a loving, family-friendly environment, and high-quality dental care. When you come to our office, we treat you like family. We want to get to know you, your needs, and your preference, all so we can deliver personalized treatment designed specifically for you. For a beautiful, healthy smile, brought to you by hands that care, come to Applewood Dental – Welcome home!

Comprehensive Cosmetic and General Dental Services

At Applewood Dental, we lend our commitment to excellence to all our dental procedures. We bring you a wide range of high-quality dental treatments for your cosmetic and general needs. Whether you are looking for whiter teeth, to replace a missing tooth, or protect the dental health of your children, Applewood Dental has you covered.

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